CANYON MP-W7 Gaming Mouse Mat with wireless


CANYON MP-W7 Gaming Mouse Mat with wireless charger, with RGB LED, Input 5V/9V-2A, Output 5W/7.5W/10W, 900*300*8mm, Micro USB cable length 1m, Black background with gaming design printing , 674.3g

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Tehničke specifikacije

Marketing Model Name



Power Device Type

Mouse Mat with Wireless Charger

Grupa proizvoda

Power Device Location


Input Voltage

DC 5/9 V

Rated Input Current

2 A

Input Power Connectors Type


Maximum Output Power

5 W

Surface Area

800x300x4 mm +/- 10 mm

Charging Area

100x300x8 mm +/- 10 mm

Circuit Protection

Over Voltage <br/>Over Temperature <br/>Short Circuit Protection <br/>Over Load

Power Adapter and Power Supply Features

Wireless Charging<br/>Qi Standard Support<br/>7 RGB Backlight Modes

Built-in Devices

Mouse Pad

External Color


Cable Included

USB Cable

Cable Length

1 m

Depth (mm)

300 mm

Height (mm)

5 mm

Width (mm)

900 mm

Nominal Weight

0.6743 kg

Warranty Products Returnable


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Opis proizvoda

Wireless Quick Charging Mouse Pad 900×300 mm

A novelty for those who love spectacular and functional gadgets! This mouse pad is capable of charging almost any QI-compatible gadget three times faster than a regular charger. It selects an appropriate amperage to make charging not only fast, but also safe. Besides, the mat is protected against overvoltage, overheating, short circuit and overload. The surface designed for gaming mice is covered with a special Superfiber fabric, which provides high-precision control over cursor movement and convenient maneuvering. It is great for all types of gaming mouse sensors. The rug will not slip on the table due to the anti-slip rubber base. 7 modes of RGB backlight and a spectacular theme print will create an unusual gaming experience and turn the gaming gadget into a nice table decoration. To charge the necessary gadget, for example, a Canyon wireless mouse, you just need to leave it on the right side of the mat. Great replenishment of your gaming collection!

• 900×300 mm size
• Fast charge technology
• QI standard support
• Works with most QI-compatible gadgets
• 5V / 9V-2A wireless charging point
• Surface optimized for all types of mice
• 1m micro-USB cable included
• 7 RGB backlight modes
• Upper side: Superfiber, stitched frame
• Bottom side: anti-slip rubber base
• High wear resistance
• Protection from over-voltage
• Protection from overheating
• Protection from overload
• Short-circuit protection

CANYON MP-W7 Gaming Mouse Mat with wireless


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